The Chedi Gems : Mountain Christal
Virtual Reality


For this project I had hand-drawn floor plans, perspectives and mood board for the furnishings as a starting point.

First I made a state of a prove, that the hand-drawn plans in the dimensions and design of the individual components are correct and could actually be built. During this step, numerous doors and the main staircase had to replanned.

The room model was originally built in ArchiCAD and worked up by me for VR in Blender. First I seperated all walls, floors, windows and interactive parts from each other and group them new, for a faster workflow afterwards.

For each component an individual texture and light UV was created and afterward imported to Unreal Engine 4.

In Unreal Engine 4 I first created the correct lightning from the directional light, skysphere and skylight. Afterwards, I inserted the real view as a masked 360° panorama, which was previously made on site.

The furnishing was either taken from the Raumgleiter library or remodeled from me in Blender. All assets have been optimized in the Blender using a pipeline.

The Mountain Christal: Chedi, is a renovation of the attic of the Hotel Chedi in andermatt CH. All assets and materials are fictitious. In 4 weeks this gem was finished as a VR Case. Fully walkable and interactive.

Unreal Engine 4
Blender 2.79
3Ds Max